Wednesday, August 7, 2019

How to Update TomTom Devices using TomTom MyDrive Connect?

MyDrive Connect - Now Update Your TomTom Navigation Devices using the Software. Download Now and Manage Your TomTom Devices using TomTom Home Tool.

MyDrive Connect

MyDrive Connect is a software to download maps and update your TomTom devices. MyDrive Connect supports the newer versions of TomTom devices. It is an application which helps you to manage the contents and services of your TomTom GPS unit.

MyDrive Connect is a useful update utility which is for the newer generation of TomTom navigation device. It provides all the control you will ever need for TomTom GPS devices. It is easy to use and you can update your GPS device with a single click. It is available for Windows and Mac computer.

MyDrive Connect gives you the latest maps, and software updates and the possibility to renew your services. By connecting your navigation device regularly it ensures that you will have the best driving experience. It gives updates every week with several fixes. You can enjoy the services by using the latest version of MyDriveConnect.

MyDrive Connect is user-friendly interface and it comes with intuitive controls, so you can use it without any big effort. It can be installed under a minute and with easy settings. MyDriveConnect does not require any special drivers, expect continuous high-speed internet connection.

It the primary way of updating your TomTom GPS devices. This software provides access to various services which makes your driving experience more convenient. The first and foremost thing you have to do is linking your GPS device with your TomTom Account.

While the software is running, you only need to connect the device to your computer with a USB cable. MyDriveConnect can detect your device and it will link it to your account automatically. When your device is linked to your account, it will let you know if there is any updates are available for your device. This will show a series of options like for buying new maps, planning for routes and viewing the current traffic conditions and other services.

There are many different updates like from basic firmware updates to map updates. It gives detailed information about each update, so you can view them and decide which ones to apply or leave.

In case, you have purchased multiple maps and they all cannot fit on your device so you can use the software’s management capabilities to remove existing maps and add new ones. If you removed your map accidently, you can get it back anytime without freaking out because it is linked to your personal account. To use the application you need t install it.

Set up of TomTom MyDrive Connect 

You can set up your TomTom MyDrive Connect in four easy steps -

• Download and install. 
• Log in using your TomTom account
• Connect the TomTom to your computer.
• Add the TomTom on MyDrive Connect.